Berbatov Vs Tevez

One is suave, languid and graceful. The other is short, stocky and terrier-like. They both score a lot of goals. Dimitar Berbatov is a joy to watch, playing the game at his own ludicrously leisurely pace. Tevez is a ball of energy, feverishly leading his team from the front.

The only similarity between these two is the number of Premiership goals they scored last season, leading the charts with 20 apiece. Other than that they could not be more different.

Berbatov was relegated to a fringe player at Manchester United, dipping in and out of form and scoring his goals in flurries. He has the demeanour of a mercurial gunslinger, a lone-wolf, Clint Eastwood style. Watching, mulling things over, unflappable. Tevez was Manchester City’s heartbeat, their captain, the man you could depend on for a goal, he has the look of a madman, the first man in the saloon to fire, itching at the trigger. An instinctive player, bubbling over with enthusiasm.

Now they could both be leaving. Tevez is itching to flee, a £40-50 million price tag shackling his feet. Berbatov hopes to stay, with pitiful sounding prices being bandied around his head. (Juventus £8 million, PSG £12 million).

Of course there are many reasons why there prices differ so greatly. Age and contract length being the biggest factors, but if we’re talking about value for money I’ll take the strolling, smoking Bulgarian that makes plucking the ball out of the sky look as effortless as striking a match. Tevez undoubtedly has the quality, goals and work rate to make the world’s top sides chase him but I’m craving a bit more of the beautiful game and Berbatov is definitely the subtler artist.

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