Big Match Striker hits the back of the net!

Online Game - Big Match StrikerEvery football fan likes to think that they’re a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to footy trivia. We often boast about how much we know about the club we support and can list statistics and honours from years gone by like they’re our phone number. We only get to show off this knowledge on rare occasions, though. The pub quiz at your local may have a couple of football questions thrown in, while fantasy football gives you a chance to show how spot on you are when it comes to valuing players from the Premier League. But now there’s an opportunity to really show off and prove that you’re a football anorak!

Big Match Striker challenges football fans in the ultimate test of football trivia. In this brand new game you’ll have to know your football history and be right up to date with the latest football news to have any chance of defeating your opponents. But a fantastic knowledge of football alone will not be enough as you’ll also need to be an astute tactician in the same vein as Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsenal gaffer Arsene Wenger to guide your team to glory.

You will need to use your skills as a chairman, manager and player to transfer your club from minnows in the lower division to global superstars. The aim of the game is simple: to win matches. However, this will require you to have a vast knowledge of famous football moments from years past and to know exactly what’s been going on in the Premier League, Championship and Football League in recent weeks. Basically, if you follow football intensely and have done for a long time then Big Match Striker will be right up your street.

Once you get started you’ll soon be hooked and buying ‘stamina’ so that you can play more and more matches and rise up the leagues. All you need to do is correctly respond to the questions posed quicker than your opponent and work your way up the field before finding the back of the net. If you’re victorious you’ll earn ‘smackers’, which is the in-game currency and will allow you to buy players and upgrade your stadium, something that Liverpool haven’t even been able to do in recent months!

With new questions added each and every week, Big Match Striker is the most up-to-date online football game out there. With the opportunity to challenge your mates and create your own leagues you can really show who knows the most about footy. If you think you’re the Lionel Messi of the football trivia world then you can join the Big Match Striker community now by downloading the game for free at