Big Sam attacks Rafa!

After a wonderful unbeaten to the start to the Premiership, many people are suggesting that Liverpool maybe on the verge of finally challenging for the title.  

It is the only domestic trophy to have eluded the Spanish boss during his three years at the club and while too many these would seem a success along with his Champions League win in 2005, Newcastle boss Sam Allardyce has launched a scathing attack on Rafa Benitez suggesting the Liverpool boss is lucky to be in his job. 

"While Rafa would be very lucky to be in a job if he hadn't got to two Champions League finals, because they have had some very, very poor finishes poor finishes in the Premier League.”

“They are a very good Champions League team; they are not a Premier League-winning team yet.”

"They don't have that mentality to win that yet.

"Being a foreigner, Rafa doesn't understand it's supposed to be Premier League first and Champions League second."

Coming from a manager, whose only achievement at Bolton was to create the most negative, dour footballing side since the days of George Graham? Who never managed to finish above Liverpool it might be said.

After a 1-0 defeat to Derby; maybe Big Sam should worry about the fortunes of his own club!