Blankety Blank – Arsene Wenger

Football FanCast is bringing Blankety Blank to the Premier League. Each week we’ll pick one of the hottest headlines from the back pages of the newspapers and it will be up to you to fill in the blanks.

This week the world of football has unsurprisingly been dominated by Cesc Fabregas’s move to Barcelona. After 3 years of bids, rejections and relentless flirtations, the Arsenal midfielder was finally reunited with his boyhood club. It was a particularly emotional move and Fabregas admitted that he had been unable to tell Wenger how grateful he really was. However, Fabregas’s gratitude will do little to fill the gaping hole in Arsenal’s midfield especially if Nasri follows him out of the door.

Here is a headline taken from Wednesday’s Daily Mail, just fill in the blanks and leave your suggestions below….

Wenger’s empty _______, Barcelona’s _________ and a

_________who’ll forever have a place in Arsenal hearts.