Bold move by Ashley…but ultimately the right one for Newcastle

Football FanCast guest columnist Rod Mathews applauds the decision by Mike Ashley to impose a transfer embargo on Newcastle United.

Mike Ashley hasn't made many decisions right since he took the helm at Newcastle United, but placing a transfer embargo, until a takeover has been concluded, is the right one and in the best interests of the club.

No doubt it will have upset a few players, who chose to hide behind the current fiasco and use it as leverage so they can get moves elsewhere. All this talk that they would stay if Shearer was manager is all pie in the sky, as they know the chances of it happening are close to zero. By making these outbursts they are clearly trying to justify their exits by the lowest form ever and that is jumping onto the fans frustrations. That doesn't sit well with me, especially given their attitudes last season.

What makes me laugh about the team is that they are all pro-Shearer; however when they played under him they were just as lacklustre as before. It seemed to me that a vast majority of that squad really couldn't give an iota about our plight as they thought they would always be safe and able to move on should we go down. This embargo not only is a big two fingers up at the potential deserters, but more importantly safeguards our chances of an immediate return to the Premier League.

At the end of the day for all their attitude problems they are still Premier quality and with the right man in charge giving them the kick up the proverbial, they can make up for the mess that they have put us in.


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