Why the Bolton legends left so quickly upon Megson’s arrival

megsonSo, the Campaign for Common Sense has been gathering pace. With Gary Megson’s sacking, it’s hopefully ended what has been a torrid half season. The question now moves onto who’s the right man for the Reebok job?

Owen Coyle is the fans favourite, and quite rightly too. His name was sang at the highest volumes during his time as a player for the Wanderers, and his credentials as a manager are good. To get Burnley to the Premiership isn’t a small achievement. Other names include Hughes, Peter Reid and Neil Warnock. All great technical coaches in their own right, but whether they’ll be right for the Reebok faithful, we’ll soon see.

The problems that faces a club after a managers dismissal are there for everybody to see. Nine out of ten times, uncertainty surrounds the dressing room. Who will be next in? Is my place in the Bolton squad secure? This slowly develops into some players trying to give their all, but worrying too much as they go about their business. One wrong pass could be all it takes with some managers. There’s also the personality factor.

When Gary Megson took over the reins at the club, he inherited a squad full of talent that had showed promise but never quite achieved it. However, nestled within that squad were some outstanding players that had made their way into the fans hearts; Stelios Giannakopoulos and Ivan Campo, to name just two. It was these players that had been to the top, and tried to push Bolton there too, and they both saw what could so well happen when a new manager joins a club.

These two fantastically gifted players were shoved out of the Reebok dressing room, left to ponder over the good old days, and why? All because of their big ambitions, and the respect that they instantly command, were too much for a manager that was used to commanding players where a famous brand of crisps, are the main diet. Okay, Stelios and Campo had both seen better days, but they were quality that stood out within the squad, and after they departed, Bolton missed them tremendously.

Recently, however, these two household names have discussed the transition that the club went through. They have both described it as an unusual time, where the fans that had supported then so well in the past, could sense what was going wrong behind the scenes. Ivan Campo, now playing for AEK Larnaca, told the Daily Mirror“I’m not surprised that Gary Megson has been sacked, the players were not with him. They didn’t trust him and the style of football he played was far too simple”.

This sums up the task that a new manager at Bolton will face. He needs to command the dressing room, whilst understanding this Lancashire clubs culture and background. He needs to see talent, and use it to the best of it’s ability. The next Bolton manager, whoever it may be, needs to use his common sense, and ensure that this passionate and historical club become what they showed so much promise of becoming not too long ago.

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