Why Bruce should entertain Liverpool swap, not deride it

While I understand Bruce’s sentiments when asked about the possibility of a Jones loan move to Liverpool, I have to confess that I hardly shared the view that he is a big player for the Cats and one of the club’s biggest assets. May be on the one in every ten games that he chooses to perform, and show some commitment to the football club, but certainly not the majority of the time.

I never understand the fuss about him and while the comparisons with Drogba can only stem from their haircuts, therefore I question why we are being so protective of him. I read a report in the week that Liverpool will perhaps look to offer Ryan Babel in a loan swap to tempt us and I for one cannot understand why that wouldn’t be an interesting proposal or one that Bruce wouldn’t consider. We are hardly going to miss Jones are we, therefore why not take a chance on someone like Babel who certainly has a lot to prove, but given regular football is likely to be given the chance to show it. Babel can play left side if need be, therefore it will give us more options and in truth bring a better balance to the team.

I really believe it is time for a change and can’t see Jones moving on will have any real impact on our team or performance. I reckon a move will be good for Jones, good for Babel and will possibly have a positive effect on both clubs as a result. I wonder if Bruce’s outburst will bring down any chance of a possible deal, after yet another dreary away day performance, I hope not.

Written by Kris Jemson

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