Let’s hope Zola’s retort will end these rumours once and for all

Carlton-ColeFootball FanCast guest columnist Pete Dyson hopes that Gianfranco Zola’s latest retort will put an end to these Carlton Cole rumours once and for all.

Another week passes and once again West Ham has to dish out a series of denials regarding the rumours that the club need to sell Carlton Cole and he is up for sale to the highest bidder in the January window. To say it is becoming laborious is an understatement and hopefully Gianfranco’s latest retort will prove the end of the matter.

I suppose it is the nature of the beast and while the media fill our head with concerns about the club’s financial outlook on one page, the proceeding one shows their cure for it by touting our better players off to the top clubs in England. Frustrating it certainly is and you could forgive most West Ham supporters if they stayed away from the newspapers, until such time that a takeover can be agreed with Sullivan, Intermarket or whoever. Everything you read about the Hammers is negative and there doesn’t appear to be any glimmer of light.

The continued rumour about Cole is what is grating me the most. Not that I think for a minute that West Ham will go back on what they have already said about keeping him at Upton Park, but their task isn’t made any easier, given the names of the clubs that are interested. Hopefully Cole isn’t tempted by one of them and will look to remain loyal to the cause, but he wouldn’t be the first player who has had their head turned by what start off as rumours and then slowly reach fruition once the buying club know that the player may have interest. It is a policy that many clubs have adopted in the past to test the water and play games with player’s mind; hopefully Cole won’t be biting at the bait and he’ll appreciate that West Ham have been very good for him and provided the platform for where he is now.

I guess the proof of the pudding will be known in the coming weeks and it will be reassuring for supporters to hear Cole come out and tell the media his intentions. You would hope that he’ll remain loyal, appreciate what we have done for him and subsequently leave a message out to the lurches of the big clubs that he is staying put; if I were Scott Duxbury that is what I would make Cole to do, so to dispel the rumours once and for all.