Cesc Fabregas? Steven Gerrard Is The Premiership’s Best Player!

Its an age old point of coversation that is still replicated in many bars, pubs and clubs and its one like Gary Lineker’s tan; never likely to fade away.

Jealously is a terrible thing and in football its part and parcel of  supporters who look on in envy at other clubs teams or individual players. I was talking to a Spurs fan only the other day who told me that if Tottenham were to go out and sign Steven Gerrard, John Terry and Gamst Pedersen, they would win the title with relative ease; “With Jol in charge?” I retorted – “Oh no…we would get someone like Mourinho in charge.”

There is nothing like a bit of romanticism in football and why I commend this Spurs fan for his belief; it got me thinking of which 5 players that currently ply their trade in the Premiership that could literally galvanise any side and take them up a new level.

In theory it could be deemed a no brainer, but being realistic and assesing player qualities there are actually very few who could do this; I mean could you honestly see a Frank Lampard have the same affect he has, if he was to play for a Man Utd or an Arsenal…some players just fit into a perfect system play and that is why he is successful at Chelsea.

The five players I came up were:

  • Petr Cech; simply the best keeper in the world who could keep any team in games alone…even the likes of Derby could keep clean sheets on a regular basis.
  • Steven Gerrard; by far the best player in the Premiership who would galvanise and strengthen any midfield in the country.
  • Wayne Rooney; has all the attributes you need from a striker and his sheer strength, passion and his ability to make goals out of nothing.
  • Cesc Fabregas; a no brainer and a close 2nd to Gerrard in being the best player in the Country. Simply majestic and a guy who can unlock any defence in the Premiership, he even scores goals now.
  • Dimitar Berbatov; while many will see this as a strange choice given his poor start to the season, the guy proved last season what a dangerous forward he is who scores and creates plenty of goals.

Well that is my 5 players who I feel could single handedly improve any Premiership side; who are yours?