Chelsea ace and Manchester United star feature in five most booed Premier League stars

While we watch Cesc Fabregas getting booed every time he goes near the ball at the Emirates, it set us at FFC thinking of the most booed players in the history of the Premier League and, naturally, we had a bit of a giggle at Fabregas’ hero to villain career path.

The Spaniard has been unpopular at Stamford Bridge this season, but the former Arsenal captain has faced a world of abuse at Arsenal’s ground this season.

Chelsea fans have questioned the work rate of the Spaniard during this campaign and it seems as though the playmaker will never be welcomed back to the Emirates with open arms, unsurprisingly.

Fans have a free license to abuse how they like, with players knowing they will face sanctions if they respond, and some players seem to face a whole career of expletives being thrown at them from the terraces.

Here are the FIVE players who are booed the most…

John Terry

John Terry

From the trouble with Anton Ferdinand to more personal off-field troubles, John Terry is still one of the most hated players in the Premier League and faces barrages of abuse wherever he is playing.

Unlike many, the Chelsea skipper seems to be spurred on by the tirades of aggression, but it doesn’t stop the fans.

Ashley Cole


Ashley ‘Cashley’ Cole ripped apart the hearts of Arsenal fans when he moved to Chelsea and quickly became even more unpopular because of his relationship with Cheryl Cole.

The left-back has, as a result, been horribly under valued, despite being one of England’s all time greats, and it wasn’t just Arsenal fans who took to abusing the star.

Across the country the multiple FA Cup winner faced endless insults and it isn’t a surprise that he was happy to move on to Italy.

David Beckham

David Beckham

Becks retired a national hero, but the superstar midfielder had a period of utter contempt from the entire country after his idiotic red card in 1998.

When Beckham left his boot where he shouldn’t against Argentina, the Manchester United midfielder contributed to England’s World Cup demise and faced boos around the country.

Luis Suarez


With a few less bans since he’s been in Spain, the Uruguayan trouble maker has been significantly more popular, but from biting to racism, Suarez was constantly unpopular around the UK.

Oddly, Liverpool’s strong defence of their star’s behaviour seemed to make the ex-Ajax striker further despised and he was not unfamiliar with boos ringing around grounds as his name was announced.

Joey Barton

Joey Barton (QPR)

Controversy has never been far away from Joey Barton and the journeyman midfielder had a tendency to make himself particularly unpopular wherever he was playing.

From incidents with cigarettes at night clubs to on-pitch assaults, the ex-City man has never been for great fan popularity.