Chelsea proves the perfect move

After the game against City, one thing was clear from a Chelsea point of view – no, it was not that Torres spends even more time on the bench than getting his highlights, which does take some doing- but that Daniel Sturridge firmly deserves his place in the Chelsea first team. Quite simply brilliant last night, and all the time playing on the wing in support to the main man Drogba, the young English man was everywhere, and showed City exactly what they were missing.

Yet whilst his performance was nothing short of fantastic, was it so good to render correct the claims made by Roberto Mancini before the game that Sturridge would never have been sold under his reign and would be in the City first team now?

Whilst I would give all credit to Sturridge and see him as both the future for Chelsea and England, I have to doubt if these claims are entirely true. Yes, Mancini can look at Sturridge and wish he was in the City squad – but that is exactly where he would be – on the bench.

He would not displace Aguero or Balotelli, who whilst – how shall we say – a character off the field, shares very similar attributes to Sturridge and is just that little bit better. In fact for me Balotelli who only turned 21 in August, is one of the very best around with the potential to become the best. Add to this Dzeko and Silva and it is hard to see where Sturridge would fit in the starting line-up.

Chelsea are fortunate that after sending Sturridge out on loan, he flourished and grew as a player, and this combined with their striking dilemmas at various points throughout the season and AVB‘s desire for a clean break has meant that the youngster has featured more than most would have predicted, and has proved more than worthy of his place.

Baring Manchester City, Sturridge would virtually walk into the front line of any other top Premier League club – how Wenger or Fergie would like to see such a versatile player in their team.

Yes, City and Mancini may cast an envious eye on what was once their prodigy, but in reality, especially for Sturridge a move away from the Ethiad has ensured career development and playing time, in which he has more than proven himself.

Whilst City may live to regret letting the player go, from Sturridge’s view point, it is one of the very best decisions he was made.


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