Chelsea A Big Club? Pure Fantasy

In a turbulent week at the Bridge with Jose leaving, Avram Grant’s appointment followed by defeat at Man Utd; you could forgive blue fans for claiming this is a week they would rather forget.

While Chelsea look to move on from the upheaval their rivals have been quick to stick the knife in with Arsenal’s chairman Peter Hill-Wood laughing off suggestions of Chelsea’s aim to be the worlds biggest club.

“It takes 100 years to build and about 100 minutes to destroy. You’ve got to be careful you don’t destroy it.

“Money is irrelevant to history and how big your club is. Maybe not irrelevant, but it’s better not to have too much money because you then don’t go and squander it.

“It’s bull. I don’t want to run Chelsea down, but one has to concede Manchester United and Liverpool are probably the biggest names in UK football and probably throughout the world.

“For Chelsea to think they are suddenly going to dominate Manchester United and Liverpool is fantasy. It’s not going to happen.”

I’m sure Mr Abramhovic will not be losing to much sleep over this statement and given that his side has managed to win 5 trophies includind 2 titles in the last 3 years then maybe Mr Hill-Wood should worry about his own sides failings before interfering with others.