Can Chester Rise up from the Dead?

This morning Chester City Football were wound up in the High Court and no longer cease to exist, but on what should be a sad day for everyone involved with the club the fans can now look forward to a brighter future.

I have witnessed the demise of the club since I came to Chester as a student back in 2007 when they were a run of the mill League Two side with serious aspirations of promotion, but in less than 3 years the club have found themselves out of business.

Fans of the club that gave the world Ian Rush and enjoyed giant killings of Aston Villa and Newcastle United back in the 70’s will now be hopeful that a phoenix club can be given the go ahead to begin again come pre season.

Speaking on Sky Sports News moments after the news broke former Director of football Bob Gray spoke of disappointment at the decision: “I’m devastated and angry, mainly upset for the guys who work here. They are good people at the club and they don’t deserve this.”

The supporters group Chester Fans United who will be leading the push for a new side for the city and will look at the models of AFC Wimbledon, AFC Telford and will take heart from local rivals Northwich Victoria cup run putting them firmly back on the map after years in the footballing abyss.

The people of Chester will be very cautious of the idea of a new club but after years of problems over ownership and money not one single person will be in charge of the club meaning nothing will be hidden from the fans, which can only be good for the club.

This season I have witnessed a mass boycott by fans and have witnessed the last game for the club at the Deva Stadium for free as a result of nobody being on the gates to take any me payment and when I offered to pay I got told that no money could be taken because no one could be trusted. I was at the Eastbourne game where the game was abandoned in farcical scenes’ after 5 fans got onto the pitch. And since the turn of the year the entire playing staff have walked out even the loyal goalkeeper John Danby who I hope will find himself a new club because he is one of the best keepers I have ever seen in the low leagues.

The idea of playing in the newly formed Welsh Premier League as of next season seems unlikely purely because the majority of members at the club will want to see the club back in the football league sometime in the future.

During my time here in the city the club have always been under the shadows of North West giants Liverpool, Everton. Manchester United. As fans grow more disillusioned with football at the top of the game, a new club has the potential to attract new fans and this is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

We will now wait and see what happens now to a club who will hopefully begin again in time to have a team in a league come the new season wherever it is.

As a football fan and an adopted fan of the club I am upset at the news but can now look to the future as the saying goes things can only get better.