Clearly no shame as he invites Tottenham move

Luis Fabiano has come out today and told the world that he would like nothing more than to join Tottenham this summer (despite previously dismissing a move a few weeks back) claiming that the North London outfit are a smaller team than Sevilla…does he have no shame?

The Brazilian has attracted many top clubs this summer after producing good performances in the World Cup finals in South Africa earlier this month.

Manchester United, Milan and of course Spurs all expressed their interest in acquiring the striker’s services, after he made it clear that he will be leaving Spain during the summer window. However, with his favoured moves to both Milan and United now looking remote as the days go by, the Brazilian has made a dramatic u-turn and opted for a move to Whit Hart Lane instead. Speaking to ESPN today, the striker stated:

“I must admit it’s only in the last few weeks I have understood just how big Spurs’ ambition is.”

You can’t help but burst out with laughter after reading the striker comments, especially after dismissing the move to Spurs altogether. A few months ago he slated Spurs and their ambitions, now the 29-year-old is praising them because other interests have cooled down. Harry Redknapp will not mind this of course, all the Englishman is concerned about is bringing in the right faces for the club this summer and Fabiano is possibly one of them. Redknapp pinpointed the striker as a possible target this summer which could help the club in their European adventures and of course domestic competitions.

In regards to Fabiano’s latest comments, it’s clear to see that players in today’s modern game have no shame. Footballers love to tout themselves from club to club even if they have already slated or belittled an interested club one week, and want to join them the next. Javier Mascherano is a fine example of a player that does this on a weekly basis. The midfielder is constantly yapping on about how he would love to play for Barcelona or Inter Milan this upcoming season but struggles to remember that he is in fact a Liverpool player. Arsenal’s Andrey Arshavin is another example of a player that clearly wants a move away from the North London outfit, and the only way he’s going to get it is by praising other clubs in the process. Emmanuel Adebayor was also tipped to make a move to A.C Milan before he signed for money-bags Manchester City last season.

Luis Fabiano isn’t the only shameful footballer that has ever readjusted his appraisal of a club in order for a move; in fact it has become somewhat of a trend these days, as shown by the examples above. Fabiano couldn’t obtain his preferred move to either United or Milan this season, so is now settling for second best, which in this case is Spurs. The simple truth is footballers will do anything and everything in order to get what they want, even if it means looking like a complete idiot which Fabiano looks right now.

What do you guys think of players touting for moves?

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