Club v Country? It’s Liverpool for me everytime!

People often pose the question; What would you rather see, England win the World Cup or Liverpool win the Premier League?

Without hesitation I would go for Liverpool everytime. Over the last few years my interest in the English national team has dwindled to the point whereby I no longer see myself as an ‘England supporter’.

That is not to say I was never intrested in the international game, one of my earliest football memories as a kid was watching Michael Owen score that goal against Argentina in the World Cup. But the ever increasing rivalies of domestic football have made it impossible for me to back my national side.

Why should I cheer on Rooney, Terry, Ferdinand, Lampard and co. when I just plainly don’t like them? I was at Anfield this season for Liverpool’s game against Manchester United, I was a part of the Kop that poured abuse at ex-evertonian Wayne Rooney. I find it hypocritical in the extreme to then start supporting him and chanting his name when he pulls on the England shirt.

Liverpool’s bad relationship between rival clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Everton just makes it impossible for me to get behind this England team. When I do watch England play I just pray that whatever Liverpool players are participating don’t pick up any injuries. The club game has become so dominant and fierce over the last few years that it has become so much more precious to watch your team win a big game in the Premier League or Europe.

When England failed to qualify for Euro2008 I wasn’t the slightest concerned, in fact I was almost pleased I wouldn’t be hearing the relentless and cheesy England tournament songs and watching Sky Sports News debate England’s chances for 24 hours a day.

In addition to club rivalry, I also detest England ‘fans’. I guess some of them must be OK, but the actions of many are ludicrous. I swear the majority of the England squad has been booed at one point or another. Lampard, Bentley, Terry, Hargreaves and Crouch have all been victims at one stage or another.

Supporting and watching Liverpool at Anfield has always taught me a tradition of ‘getting behind’ your team, whether that be during good or bad times. With England this is simply not the case and I wouldn’t want to be a part of such a moronic cult that decides to slate their team and players whenever things may not be going to plan.

It’s safe to say I will be watching the World Cup, and probably all of the games, because I love football, but one thing I won’t be doing this summer is ‘supporting’ England.