Colin Hendry in the jungle…Get him out of there!

HendryBetfair blogger Gareth Freeman questions whether Colin Hendry is doing the right thing by going into the jungle.

It isn’t very often you get Bolton fans and Blackburn fans agreeing on something but on Colin Hendry you’re unlikely to hear any negative words at either the Reebok or Ewood Park.  At Blackburn he was an absolute star, the rock in defence and their captain as they lifted the Premier League title in 1995, while for Bolton he was an experience head who came in and did a decent job towards the end of his career at the highest level.

It was announced earlier this week that Hendry had signed up for ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here!’ and I can’t help but think this is a massive mistake.  I’m not really one for reality TV shows in all honesty, but you can’t avoid them at some points and I’ve seen enough of the show to know that basically – you’re in for humiliation.

If he was trying to make it as a Z-list celeb or something along those lines it wouldn’t surprise me much but Hendry’s wife, Denise, sadly passed away in July of this year.  Do I want to see Hendry, or indeed anybody suffering a bereavement, subjected to the kind of treatment reality TV inflicts on it’s subjects?  Quite simply, no I do not want to see that.

From my days watching Hendry at the Reebok I know he has a strong character, that was evident from his displays on the field.  But if he can cope being in a Jungle with Jordan I’m not so sure, apparently he sees it as a good way to get through his grief.

This is what a ‘source’ (whatever that means) told the Mirror newspaper: “In a way, it will be breaking the shackles of Colin’s mourning. It will be six weeks away in Australia but he is definitely up for it.

“TV chiefs see him as the big strapping guy who’ll do anything, eat anything, build anything – a real Braveheart character.

“There will no doubt be a lot of public sympathy for him after his terrible loss.

“Colin wouldn’t really want that. But he does fancy the challenge and people close to him reckon it could kickstart his life.”

‘People close to him reckon it could kickstart his life.’??? Have these people seen the show?  These ‘TV chiefs’ just don’t care about the celebs they put in to their programmes.  Just look at Michael Barrymore and Les Dennis on Big Brother, the guy who played Bomber in Hollyoaks, Brian Harvey and Gazza – they have all been torn apart on TV for higher ratings and the viewing ‘pleasure’ of the watching public and I don’t want to see Hendry have to go through that.

Don’t get me wrong, I really hope it works out for Colin, but the chances of that are pretty slim.  He’ll always be a legend for the fans of Blackburn, Dundee United, Rangers, Blackpool and Bolton Wanderers, that will never change, and hopefully this won’t prove too much for him.

Written by Gareth Freeman, promoting racing tips for today and cheltenham 2010 for Betfair.