Collective Twitter sigh as Chelsea star gets himself into trouble once again

Diego Costa is no stranger to a bit of trouble, but this was one of the more pathetic incidents that the Chelsea striker has been involved in.

As he went from holding the Watford manager in a cuddly embrace, the Spanish striker was in a game of trying to get various Watford players sent off. Typically, the Watford players were winding the ex-Atleti man up as well, but it was a huge fuss that revolved around the most flamboyant refereeing display of the season.

The referee himself took a bit of stick..

Costa isn’t the most popular man around, but neither is Lee Mason.

That would be quite a turn around..

The most hilarious thing about it all, was the fabulous locomotion that Mike Dean got on his card brandishing. That’s a clip to look out for, friends.

This vine from Breathe just about sums him up..

Chelsea’s fans are probably working on it, Paddy.