Could Wenger succeed where Benitez failed with Dutchman?

Having been with Liverpool for 3 years now, Ryan Babel has still not yet been able to succeed or even establish himself as he would have liked to since moving to the Premier League outfit in 2007.

The former Kop boss, Rafa Benitez, brought the speedy forward to Anfield from Dutch giants Ajax in an £11.5 million deal, yet Babel has not hit the heights at the Merseyside club as many would have expected.

A number of clubs were interested in signing the Dutchman before he moved to Liverpool, however, since making his switch to the Premier League and under Rafa Benitez’s guidance has failed to show what he is capable of. Benitez has never really given the striker a chance to shine and really struggled to get the best out of him which ultimately resulted in Babel sitting on the bench for a majority of his Liverpool career so far. However, taking this all into consideration and had the forward signed for Arsenal, would, and still, could Wenger succeed where Rafa Benitez clearly failed and bring out the best in Ryan Babel next season?

Arsene Wenger is arguably one of the best managers in the world who adopts an attacking yet graceful approach to the game. He loves to play the game in the right way, and many Arsenal fans (along with neutral ones) will agree that when it comes to ‘pass-move’ football, Wenger is very high on the list. His Mentality is more adventurous and attack minded than Benitez, who prefers to take a more cautious approach, and as a result of this, could never utilize Babel in the right way.

Babel is an explosive player with bags of energy and speed, but whilst he was under the management of the Spaniard, the forward could not express himself as he would have liked to. Benitez definitely undervalued the player’s ability and as such did not bother to see the potential that the Dutchman really seizes.

Wenger would bring the best out of Babel purely for the fact that the player is attack minded. Babel is quick off the mark, and possesses good movement off and on the ball. His style is more suited to the way Arsenal play the game, fast, fluent and smart. The Arsenal manager would be the perfect manager and tutor for the 23-year-old for reasons already stated above, and could easily succeed in bringing out the best in the striker, as he has done too many other players in the past.

Babel has great potential and a move away would probably be best for the striker’s career. Arsenal would be a great destination for the Dutchman, and with his Dutch team-mate Robin van Persie firmly establishing himself as one of the best at Arsenal, Babel could do the same with time and the right coaching.

The Dutch international has been linked with a move to the Emirates in the past and recently in the previous winter window, but with Benitez departing for Italy earlier in the month; will Babel give it one more go at Liverpool? Or could Arsenal potentially capture the striker this summer and hone his skill to the right degree? Only time will tell.

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