Damaged goods or the answer to Spurs’ left side prayers?

Football FanCast guest columnist Dan Williams wonders if Bale will ever get a chance to prove his worth at Spurs.

 As reports emerged that Chris Gunter was making his move a permanent one at Nottingham Forest I have to confess I wasn't surprised. Over the years I have grown use to seeing Spurs going out and spending millions on potential only to be released a little while later having not really been given a chance to impress. We as a football club write players off far too quickly and the logic in it forever baffles me.

The reason for my concerns is that sometimes these mistakes cost the club a fortune and funds that can be utilised elsewhere. Since signing Gunter we have bought Hutton, Corluka and Chimbonda back to the club and a combined total of around £20m, money is this day and age can rarely afford to lose. I am not suggesting that Gunter was the solution, but more the principle that you are foolish if you are not prepared to test what resources you have, before you declare them as damaged goods.

Of course Gunter is just an example here, but I look at the Spurs squad and there are two players in particular that I feel Harry would look to ship out if decent offers come in. Giovani Dos Santos and Gareth Bale for example are two players who this season has terribly overlooked, especially in light of the fact that we have been crying out for some natural width on the left hand side. It defies belief quite frankly and although Modric certainly did well when called upon, he shouldn't be playing out there as his abilities deserved a far more central role. No doubt we will go out and spend another few million on someone else to play this role, when the answer to it can be found a lot closer to home.

Martin Jol came out today and echoed the view that Mourinho made a few weeks back by claiming that Bale was, "one of the best talents on the left flank in Europe". Why I personally wouldn't bracket him like that at this moment in time, the potential is certainly there and there are fewer players that posses a better final ball. He is certainly not good enough defensively to be a full back, but as a left winger he is more than able and he certainly proved it when given a rare outing under Redknapp at Goodison Park. Bale doesn't possess the trickery or skill of a Lennon, but that day their full back couldn't stop him dropping his shoulder and getting to the bar line and putting a crosses in time after time. He is strong, has a nice touch and has this sheer determination when running with the ball. As Jol pointed out all he needs is time and the opportunity, but will he ever get that under Redknapp – I accept he is no better than Ekotto at left back, but surely he deserves the opportunity to have crack on the left wing for us? Could he not potentially save us a fortune? My fear is that he is deemed as damage goods in Harry's eyes and certainly not the answers to our prayers in left midfield, otherwise why would he not have played him there on a regular basis, surely it has more to do than just superstition. I hope I am proved wrong but past form of Spurs and our ruthless streak of letting untried players go suggests that I will be.


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