Daniel Levy right to sit tight over NEW deal

Daniel Levy is an ambitious man and wants the best for Tottenham Hotspur, yet it doesn’t stop the media looking to questioning him about his desire to get the top deals for the football club. Levy is a shrewd chairman and looking at the state of the finances and situations at other clubs there certainly isn’t someone I would prefer to have running Tottenham than him.

I read in the Daily Mail (I know I should expect it) a column suggesting that Levy needs to lower his expectations in negotiations over a shirt sponsor, given our deal with Mansion is due to expire this summer. Accordingly to the journalist, whose name escapes me at present, we need to accept the money isn’t available and with the likes of Villa, Sunderland and Fulham also requiring new sponsors that we need to be realistic. My first response to that the aforementioned trio are hardly going to be attracting the same sort of sponsors or level of finance that we are able to obtain and secondly why the hell would we look to negotiate any deal until this season is over?

I’m not an expert in financial matters here, but surely the possibility of playing Champions League football next season would kind of move the goalposts financially. All of a sudden we will open ourselves up to a new group of interested parties and ones who will pay a damn sight more money than if we were to sell out now to ensure the investment for the coming seasons. Levy is totally right to sit tight until the season is over, I mean let’s be honest a club the size of Tottenham is hardly going to struggle to secure a new sponsorship deal now is it.

Written by Roy James