The David Beckham World Cup conundrum

David Beckham’s World Cup, and possibly his England career appears to be over following the rupture of his Achilles tendon at the San Siro on Sunday night. It has been suggested that it will be at least five months before Beckham is able to train, therefore ending his dream of making the plane to South Africa and competing in his fourth consecutive World Cup.

Since the news has broken of Beckham’s injury, debate has been rife as to the significance of his loss to the squad and whether Capello should still take him to South Africa to be in and around the dressing room, as his experience is obviously invaluable. Others have suggested his presence could prove a hindrance on the rest of the squad given the media circus that surrounds him.

Two of our columnists Mark Turner and Oscar Pye-Jeary were invited to discuss this Beckham debate, on Sky News last night…

[youtube FpKhTq5wf0M]

Should Beckham be taken to the World Cup in some capacity, or do you feel his presence could prove a hindrance to the rest of the squad?