Despite struggles at Tottenham, he surely deserves a better transfer than that?

As you read this, some club somewhere is preparing to announce their interest in Spurs striker Robbie Keane. Most of the bottom half of the Premier League have already made it clear that the 30-year-old striker is at the top of their wish-lists.

There’s good reason for all the hoo-ha – Robbie Keane is a proven goalscorer. Check his record. Wherever he has been, he has brought goals with him. During his original stay at Spurs he scored 80 goals in 197 appearances. He has 104 caps for the Irish national team and 45 goals, making him Ireland’s all-time record goalscorer. With his tally of 121 Premier League goals he is the League’s eleventh highest goalscorer of all time.

This is a man with credentials.

It’s clear that there’s no space for him in the Tottenham squad and that it’s time for him to move on. It’s highly unlikely that Robbie will remain a Spurs player by the end of the January transfer window. Why is it then that only teams struggling to avoid relegation seem to be interested in Robbie? Why are the likes of Birmingham and Wolves the forerunners for his signature?

Harry Redknapp has confirmed that City have made a £7 million bid for the striker, but any such deal remains far from complete.

I understand that teams fighting at the bottom need goals in order to beat the drop. Robbie Keane may seem like the perfect solution. But goals are equally important at the top of the League. Aren’t Liverpool, Manchester City (although with Dzeko on the way, perhaps not) and dare I say it, Chelsea in dire need of a proven striker?

Is there a perception that Keane can’t cut it at the highest level anymore? I can’t help but feel that if Spurs gave Robbie a decent chance he’d prove that he’s still got what it takes. He’s certainly a better footballer than, say, Peter Crouch. He may be older, but he’s still got a few years left at the top of his game.

Robbie Keane would be an excellent purchase for the likes of Birmingham City. In fact, I’m sure his acquisition alone will be enough to keep them in the Premier League. But Robbie Keane must prove that he’s still ambitious by seeking a move to as big a club as possible.

Aston Villa boss Gerard Houllier confessed that the club were interested in signing the striker some time back. You can’t help but feel that Keane would be a perfect fit at a club like Villa. They remain an ambitious side who need a decent striker. With Keane in tow, I wouldn’t be surprised if Aston Villa finished the season on a high note.

What’s your take? Can Keane still compete at the top of the game?

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