Did they really say that?

Admit it, we’ve been there? You know, when say something that’s either really, really stupid or just extremely clouded by the love we have for our football team. Commentators, players, managers and the like all have their moments, too. Every seasons spits out a number of soundbites from them that have the rest of us scratching our heads confused. And fans do the same thing. When West Ham fans insist Mark Noble should be playing regularly for England, or Arsenal fans who consistently claim that ‘this is our year’ before eventually watching their side scrape fourth each year, you wonder what on earth they’re smoking. We’ve all wondered what on How about Ian Rush, who famously described his disastrous solitary season in Italy with Juventus as “like being in a foreign country?” Or Howard Wilkinson’s famous “If they hadn’t scored, we would’ve won.” My personal favourite comes from David O’Leary, who gave us all an education in growing up by claiming “I was a young lad when I was growing up.” Thanks for that, Dave. Or how about when Mark Lawrenson described people who vote for their Man of the Match online as “geeks?” They’re all gold. Superbly ridiculous footballing gold. But how many more do you know? Are you well versed in weird quotes from the very men who make a living from the sport? Well why not take Ladbrokes’ Did They Really Say That quiz and test your football quotations knowledge? Be sure to challenge your mates, too.

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