Do we really want Nolan back at Bolton?

Betfair Blogger Gareth Freeman wonders if Bolton really want Kevin Nolan back at the Reebok.

Don't get me wrong, I love Kevin Nolan and wish him well in the course of his career.  However, do we really want him back at Bolton? For me the answer is a definite no. 

The Guru of football that is Gary Megson seems to have different plans though.  This is what the Bolton boss has had to say on the matter: "We asked somebody to find out if Newcastle would be interested in loaning Kevin back, 
"We haven't had a response. We heard Newcastle needed to move one or two players about because they went down. 
"I like the lad – I have a lot of time for Kevin. I believe he took his foot off the gas for a few years, but I think he can get back to the standard he once showed at Bolton."

The key words there are ‘took his foot off the gas for a few years.' In truth it had been quite a few years since Nolan was at his best and in all honesty I hardly think we noticed he had gone when he left last January and his form in the latter half of last season hardly suggested Bolton had made a massive mistake in letting him go.   

I can only thank Kevin for all he did in his time at Bolton.  He scored some cracking goals (Man United at Old Trafford, amazing) but in his final few seasons he was a shadow of his former self (well, he got bigger as a guy – I'm talking metaphorically) and I'm not sure he would add anything to the current Bolton line up. 

Then there is the question of would he even want to come back to the Reebok?  I wouldn't go betting on it to be honest, he didn't seem too happy at being sold in the first place and might consider a loan offer a bit insulting. 

You have to ask why Megson let him go in the first place if he is willing to bring him back now?  I genuinely can't think of a good reason, unless Megson thinks he got it wrong in the first place, but then he never thinks he has got it wrong even when he clearly has so I can't see that as being Gary's reason.   

I can only wish Nolan well in his career, but I don't really want him back to be honest.  He seems to be enjoying his football at Newcastle again after scoring two goals in two games and he probably isn't one of the players they're seriously looking to move on anyway.  He clearly is good enough for Premier League football but his form and fitness are still a question for me even if he is scoring in the Championship.  We desperately need a midfielder, without question, but I just don't think the man for the job is Kevin Nolan.

Article title: Do we really want Nolan back at Bolton?

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