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Javier HernandezIn the light of Manchester United’s win against Stoke City and the great performance put in by new summer signing Javier Hernandez has Alex Ferguson found the new Michael Owen? The young Mexican netted a brace to give United their much needed first away win of the season and in doing so proved reminiscent of a young Michael Owen.

It seems I’m not alone in my comparisons. Former Liverpool team mate of Owen, Jamie Redknapp explains “He’s not as quick and doesn’t have that explosive pace but he has that same fox-in-the-box movement and I like the way he celebrates his goals, like each one is the first he has ever scored.”

If Javier Hernandez can prove to be as exciting and as talented as Michael Owen was all those years ago, it would be fair to say that United have struck gold. Owen still has a lot to offer the Manchester United squad but it would seem his crown has well and truly been stolen by the new and very promising Hernandez.

The baby faced Mexican Hernandez looks lively, enthusiastic and has a potent eye for goal, all characteristics that were once used to describe a lethal young Michael Owen. Owen’s career is not over and I would never want to write off a professional footballer’s ability. Owen has proved he can still score goals and I’m sure throughout the season it will become apparent that he is well and truly still in the thoughts of United boss Alex Ferguson.

What I am trying to explain is that Michael Owen is a different player to the one that proved prolific at Liverpool Football Club. The way he plays the game has changed and the emergence of Javier Hernandez and the way he plays the game is much similar to that of Michael when he first burst onto the scene.

The fact that Hernandez doesn’t rely so much on his pace as Owen once did would alleviate any doubt that the young Mexican can’t stand the test of time in the Premier League. However, could Hernandez have asked for a better fellow squad member in Michael Owen? With Owen’s years of Premier League experience and the similarities that can be drawn between the two I believe that Owen can offer up advice and guidance to help the Mexican hone in on the skills that turned Michael Owen into one of the most deadly strikers to ever grace the Premier League.

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