Does Fantasy Football change the way you watch football?

Along with the kick-off of the Premier League season arrives the exciting world of Fantasy Football. Would-be managers around the country had to make big decisions on who to include in their first XI before the deadline last Saturday (unless you are playing the Championship one) and no doubt some will be kicking themselves for not including those players who had a big weekend or are now ruing taking a risk of including a QPR defender.

The highly competitive game of fantasy football brings together millions of football fans up and down the country and creates a sense of community on websites like this with hundreds of separate leagues to join in where you and your friends compete to see who is top dog in football knowledge and expertise.

The game has exploded in popularity in recent years with the huge expansion of the internet giving managers a chance to make changes with ease and keep an eye on their team. By seeing just how many media outlets have their own fantasy football you can see the sort of reputation the game now has.

Whether you just playing for a bit of fun or if you are serious about putting together a team capable of challenging, I am sure will be able to find like minded people who will chat about all things football. You’ll get to opportunity to analysis the stats and read as many websites and newspapers as possible to find out about injuries or potential issues with your selected players.

Some of the enjoyment has already taken place at the start of the season where you had the chance to pick your team but there are still the many transfer windows to make the necessary changes so you can alter any mistakes or players that have failed to perform. These strategic decisions help you make your team as strong as possible through which you get a deeper understanding of the decisions you made in the first place and making you an expert on the game, or least you think you are. This is not proven until May when you see your final position.

It gives the football season a personality of its own and if you have ever dreamed of being a football manager, let’s face it there have been times when you felt that you could do better than the man in charge of your club, it is perfect ingredient for an interesting season following and enjoying the beautiful game.

Will that new signing feature regularly for his team? Will he take penalties? Is he a regular set piece taker? These are the sort of questions that you spent every Friday asking yourself. Every time Jeff or one of the boys on Soccer Saturday gives a shout of excitement, you worry could it be that dreaded yellow card or even worse a red or maybe it could be another goal to add to your points total. Whatever happens Fantasy Football does change the way you watch football, who would have thought that the goalless draw between Fulham and Aston Villa would be so important, just try explaining that to someone who really does not understand the importance of that assist or goal? They need educating in the ways of Fantasy Football.

Fantasists across the country will now be busy examining the first weekend of action to see if any players deserve consideration for this week or who their captain should be. Sergio Aguero probably needs a place in your Fantasy team after his marvelous debut performance against Swansea and I would seriously think about making him captain for the next few weeks. Fernando Torres is another option to be captain for this week as Chelsea have a home game against West Brom and the striker could finally hit goal scoring form against a team the Blues have a good record against. After Everton’s first game with Spurs was postponed, Leighton Baines was unable to get any points in the first week but it could now be time to make him captain with the Toffees facing newly-promoted QPR at home. If Baines can hit form early in the season, he could be a ideal choice to be captain for the second weekend of the season.