Does Levein make a valid point about England?

Scotland manager Craig Levein has criticised England fans by claiming that they expect too much from their team. He believes that there is a tremendous amount of pressure on the manager to deliver success, and that fans should lower their expectations.

Levein was appointed manager of Scotland at the end of last year and will be looking to qualify the nation for their first major tournament in over 10 years for Euro 2012.

Levein has said:

“They (England) are under an enormous amount of pressure; I think the expectation levels of England are way above what they should be. I said before the tournament that if England got to the semi-finals it would be a terrific achievement. They didn’t quite manage it.”

He added: “I’m not one of those people who looks at it and revels in them going out. I think it would be good for everybody if they had progressed further but it’s a difficult job, the England manager’s job, as you see.”

Craig Levein does seem have a point in that realistically for England to get to the semi-finals of a World Cup it would be fantastic for them to do so, it should be the maximum that the nation demands and then anything after is a bonus. You can’t help but feel that had Fabio Capello got England to the semi-finals and then they were to be knocked out, that it wouldn’t sit right with all of the public and the press. Although not having won anything in 44 years is painful and there have been times where England have underachieved, perhaps it’s due to the amount of pressure put on them.

The comments made by Levein definitely have foundation and England must lower their expectations otherwise the pressure will get to the players as has probably shown. Capello has vowed to start picking younger players and the media have to support them and most importantly be patient. If the German press had got on their team’s back about the World Cup then the youngsters that make up most of their squad probably wouldn’t have flourished. 44 years is a long time without success but if the media and people’s attitudes don’t change it could well be another 44 years.

What do you think of Craig Levein’s comments?

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