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Does Scottish football need Celtic and Rangers to succeed?

celtic rangersThere is no doubt that Scottish football is in decline and has been for a long time. The League boasts two of Britain’s biggest clubs in Celtic and Rangers, yet struggles to conjure up any kind of respectability from the rest of Europe.

Plans for Celtic and Rangers to join the Premier League have constantly been shunned for one reason or another in the past. This is most likely because 16 of the 20 teams in the league would see them as a threat. However, before I get side tracked too much, is now the time for Celtic and Rangers to concentrate on improving and bettering the status and credibility of their own league?

Football fans all over Europe and the world know of Celtic and Rangers, can the same be said for St Johnstone and Hamilton Academicals? Should the Glasgow giants get what they want and make the potential move down south then it would most definitely spell the end of Scottish football as we know it.

Dundee United chairman Stephen Thompson even claims that the Scottish Premier League would be in danger of folding if Celtic and Rangers decided to leave. Thompson then went on to say accuse the Old Firm of ‘undermining’ Scottish football after the chief executives of both Celtic and Rangers reiterated their desire to leave the SPL.

Here we see in black and white that the need for Celtic and Rangers is a great one. From a monetary point of view if Celtic and Rangers were to leave the Scottish league it would most certainly mark the end of the SPL. Thompson adds “it’s very unsettling for the SPL, We’re trying to strengthen deals with commercial customers, TV deals, etc. If you’re talking about the Old Firm leaving, where does it leave us with regards to contracts?”

I assume if Celtic and Rangers went somewhere else, that contract would be null and void. This would have serious consequences on the game in Scotland and seemingly point out, loud and clear that Scottish football needs Celtic and Rangers!

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Article title: Does Scottish football need Celtic and Rangers to succeed?

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