Doing the dirty on Tottenham

Despite the rumblings of the Tottenham hierachy insisting that Modric will not be sold it seems his departure is now inevitable with the player declaring in the Daily Mail “If somebody comes to the club and the offer is good for me and acceptable to them, then I want to leave.”

Well, so far the £22m offer that has been received has been neither good or acceptable to his employers representing a mere £5.5m profit on a prospect they spent a £16.5m gamble on on from Dinamo Zagreb in 2008.

Now the players potential has come to fruition at Spurs the Tottenham chairmen will no doubt play hard ball.  Should player power prevail then Levy will be a reluctant seller and hope to instigate a bidding war between prospective suitors to maximize the players fee.  Modric’s recent comments will anger the chairman though as it will compromise his market value meaning Spurs may eventually be forced to negotiate a price for a player who has openly stated he wants to leave.

Modric who only signed a new contract last season committing his future to Spurs until 2015 has now put his cards firmly on the table. His ambition to further his career is perhaps understandable but his timing barely 2 months after Spurs quarter final Champions League departure in a thrilling campaign where they superseeded Chelsea’s own progress will no doubt disappoint fans.

You would have to be naive to think that such commitment by Spurs would be met with enough loyalty by the player to give the club one more season to win back a coveted Champions League spot.  However Luka is either ill-advised or extremely naive himself to think he can “leave Tottenham as friends” after admitting “It has happened to Tottenham before. It is normal for a player to dream about playing for a bigger club” like Chelsea.

Time for Tottenham to start looking for a replacement.