Drogba at Oktoberfest, Harry weighed into Tevez debate – the week in brief

We take a light-hearted look at the world of football and reflect on a week dominated by Lederhosen, footballers refusing to play and Championship teams going under the radar in Europe.

Carlos Tevez got embroiled in another saga, one which kind of ran out of steam before it even begun. Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp weighed in and said if a player refused to play he’d never pick them again. It seems like there’s one rule for him, one rule for Luka Modric.

Birmingham City aren’t exactly setting the world alight in Europe. While the biggest news is Chelsea striker Didier Drogba dressing up in Lederhosen with his close friend and compatriot Steve Gohouri from Wigan. Oh, and there’s Arsenal midfielder Alex Song in a hat made out of safety pins.

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