End of the road for failing Everton boss

Since the success of his first season, Roberto Martinez has taken Everton into a rapid downward spiral. The Toffees have been stuck in mid-table and have the stature of a mediocre side who are always thinking they are owed some great success.

Without the drama of Newcastle, the ambition of Stoke or West Ham and no determination to succeed like Leicester, Everton have become a team of under-achievers as they flatter to deceive for season after season. Boos ring around Goodison, as they should, and Martinez must be about to be shown the door as the 28th richest man in Britain takes the reigns at the top table of Goodison.

Everton have scored more goals than any side outside the top four and Martinez’s management seems to cause his team to be as defensively insecure as it is humanly possible. By the end of this weekend the Toffees could be 14th and, after threatening to reach the top four in Martinez’s first season, it is simply not good enough. A club of this size in a year when Leicester, Stoke and West Ham could all end up playing European football should be ashamed of how far they have fallen. Moyes at least held Everton still, even if treading water at times, the Scot was a safe pair of hands.

Martinez seems to be letting all the solid foundations laid down by Moyes crumble away and its all in the name of shoddy ‘philosophy’. Defenders are being embarrassed, forwards frustrated and Goodison Park is no longer a feared trip, its a cauldron of anxiety, concern and ultimate disappointment. Everton have not had a squad this talented since long before David Moyes’ reign and Martinez is wasting it like a spoilt child ruins his friends toys.