England Fans Top The League Of ‘Football-Mad’ Nations

While Fabio will be plotting England’s path to World Cup success, the English supporters arrive in South Africa with the accolade of being the most passionate supporters in football. England beat off stern competition from the likes of Brazil to top the poll and Capello will undoubtedly be hoping that it is a good omen ahead of the summer.

Heineken conducted a full survey assessing how much football was watched and debated by football fans around the World and the study showed England up top. An average of 2hrs 22mins of football watched every given weekend; a staggering 3hrs and 21mins of time is used to debate about games and gossips with friends and colleagues, while a further 3hrs and 51mins is dedicated to simply reading about the game. That is nearly 10 hours of every given week devoted to the beautiful game – quite a commitment and more than your normal working day.

The research was carried out in 15 different countries and over 5,000 people (age ranged between 25-40) were used in order to conduct the survey, which saw England finish victorious. The results threw up a few surprises – no more so than Germany finishing 11th and the supposed passionate Dutch supporters coming in bottom in 15th place.

CountryTalking about footballWatching footballReading about football
England3hr 21 min2hr 22 min3hr 51 min
Thailand3hr 2 min2hr 15 min3hr 2 min
Brazil3hr 20 min2hr 10 min3hr 19 min
Ireland3hr 6 min2hr 11 min3hr 9 min
Mexico3hr 8 min2hr 1 min2hr 38 min
Spain2hr 43 min2hr 7 min2hr 40 min
Italy2hr 55 min1hr 58 min2hr 15 min
China2hr 34 min1hr 53 min2hr 32 min
Scotland2hr 41 min1hr 52 min2hr 32 min
South Africa2hr 41 min1hr 56 min2hr 31 min
Germany2hr 40 min2hr 3 min2hr 16 min
Wales2hr 20 min1hr 53 min2hr 35 min
France2hr 14 min1hr 47 min2hr 18 min
Russia2hr 22 min1hr 52 min1hr 31 min
Holland1hr 56 min1hr 32 min1hr 31 min

[Research was conducted by One Poll May 2010 amongst 5,300 male adults]


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