Why English football needs Arsenal to be ‘Champions’

arsene-wengerI read an article not so long ago where Nick Hornby suggested that some Arsenal fans were perhaps spoilt and unappreciative of what they have got following a show of displeasure towards the team and Arsene Wenger on a particular occasion. In many ways perhaps Hornby was right, but I do believe that in any walk of life it is easy to lose sight of what you have got.

From the vast majority of Arsenal fans I know they still have an incredible amount of faith in Wenger, despite the lean spell of success and they have cited that it is only the new breed of supporter determined to see them win at any cost that are bringing negativity around the place and causing the likes of Hornby to say what he has said. I guess you can’t please everyone as much as Arsene Wenger is trying to.

I’m not an Arsenal fan myself, however I have huge admiration for them and like Gary Lineker stated in his column this morning, I hope the Gunners win the title. Lineker echoed the views of most that Arsene Wenger is creating something quite spectacular at the Emirates and proving that clubs don’t have to break the bank, seek a sugar daddy or spend vast millions on players in order to achieve the kind of success that they and all clubs crave. Arsenal also do it in a style that no other club in the Premier League is close to replicating and it is tremendous credit to Arsene Wenger in standing by his values and morals, when there has been pressure on him to spend big in order to get quick fixes. To be honest the whole of English football need Arsenal to win the title this season, to show that clubs don’t have to put their whole footballing livelihood on the line in order to achieve this country’s top prize.

That for me is the long and shot of it and if you actually assess the work that Wenger has actually done then not only are Arsenal capable of winning the title, but the money the club has saved as a result of their prudency means that the North Londoners are in the most incredible position financially and will always have the funds available in the future if need be. Compare that to their rivals like United, Chelsea and Liverpool’s of this world and this Arsenal team are in a position to dominate for years to come. The last five years may have been hard for some fans to take and the frustration of a lack of silverware, but it appears this current Arsenal crop are on the brink of greatness and a sustained period of dominance and therefore it has surely been worth the wait.

Written By Steve Baxter

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