Everton fans lose their rag as referee denies clear penalty shout

Everton fans are having their fair share of rage today and they were justified in a bit of fury at the referee once more as Coleman’s cross was patted away by Neil Taylor’s hand.

Deulofeu’s consistent crossing threat hasn’t been met by any effort in the middle and the Toffees could also have had a penalty for a push on Gareth Barry a few minutes earlier.

Fans are beginning to get a complex about this referee, expect to see memes of him a Liverpool shirt any minute now.

Quite a few fans are, typically, looking to blame absolutely anyone but their own side for their poor performance.

Not exactly sure it is the commentator at fault.

Consistency has never been a strong point for English referees, and fans will always fall back on that as their next whine.

Fans can’t ever take their mind away from fantasy concerns, can they?

Obviously its the fact that the referee has some sort of campaign against the Toffees, this sounds like Mourinho stuff!