Everton keeper will face marriage proposals following penalty heroics

Joel Robles is the apple in the eye of many Evertonians after his penalty heroics against Bournemouth. The Spaniard has made the number 1 position his own after Tim Howard’s calamitous keeping became a bit too much stress for Roberto Martinez and he has impressed again today.

As Charlie Daniels stepped up, you just knew he would have his penalty saved. Whenever you see that stupid little stutter in a run up, its always going to have disastrous consequences.

You can’t doubt their passion for their club – but I wouldn’t go doing that.

Its a penalty miss, Mike. You’re not even at Wembley yet, mate!

To be fair, McCarthy produced one of the worst handballs since that Steven Taylor effort years back.

It was some save!

Fans love a bit of hyperbole, and it was some save from Joel, but we would hold off on having his kids just yet, guys.

You really don’t have to take our advice, but we’d suggest its best that you just wait. See how it goes, take him out for dinner, let him woo you a bit before you jump into having kids?