Everton and Villa prove that decency still exists

Football FanCast guest columnist Frank Mahon feels that Villa
and Everton are living proof that honesty and decency does still exist in the
modern game.


For many
years now I have been falling out of love with the once beautiful game.


and Newcastle spend millions in the hope of buying some sort of success; players
have become mercenaries which have seen the game become a faceless institution
where loyalty and respect no longer exist. There are the odd exceptions of
course and thankfully two clubs in particular have put the majority to shame.


Villa and Everton have been an absolute breath of fresh air in the past few
seasons and an embodiment of what is right in the game. Neither has spent great
fortunes, with the exception of one or two players they are not brimming with
World Class talent, but what they have is two of the best managers in the game
who pull out every last ounce of energy and commitment from their teams.
Neither football club's supporters can ever go away from a match and feel cheated
by their own team's performance, because their manager's simply wouldn't stand
for it and such honesty on the pitch is a dying breed in the game and that is
why that both club's should be hailed for what they stand for.


both clubs' are being rewarded and both have proven that to succeed in this
division that great funds are not needed. With Villa sitting in 3rd
place and Everton in 6th they have dispelled this common belief that
some clubs and supporters feel that the reason for their failings is the lack
of outlay they have spent. Both club's have produced their squads on a relative
shoestring and shamed those sides who continually chase success throwing
endless millions at players, and who would give anything to be either side's
position in the Premier League.


I'm looking
forward to tomorrow's game with great interest as it will be a pleasure to see
a good old fashioned blood and thunder cup tie between two honest football
clubs. It will be a throwback to how the game once was and both will treat the
game with the respect the Cup deserves and won't resort in devaluing it by
fielding weakened teams. Is this sort of desire which is so sadly lacking in
the modern game and what stands these football clubs from the rest of the Premier
League and puts the others to shame.

Article title: Everton and Villa prove that decency still exists

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