WOB! understands the BBC and other broadcasters are using former footballers to moonlight as commentators and pundits on their radio & TV coverage. Rather than using trained professionals with broadcasting experience they have been drawing upon a large pool of depressed, self-deluded former players.
Over the weekend one of the Neville Twins was employed to do some “talking” during a match. This became a big social media story, whatever that is. Between five hundred and four billion “twitterers” considered it worthwhile to comment upon the soporific quality of Gary or Phil Neville’s commentating during England’s tense and exciting defeat by Italy.
Even Pope Ricky Gervais, the Pontiff of creepy mirth, was moved to comment upon the exponential expansion of social commentary of Neville’s commentary and ordered his flock to stop commenting about the commentating.
Yet with role models like whatever Neville it was, it appears unlikely that “ropey amateurs” will be discouraged from joining in and making the coverage of the World Cup the main story of the World Cup.
Later, to widespread belief, a commentator who is enjoying the Brazilian sunshine at the expense of BBC licence payers made a mistake while commentating on a game, the first time this has happened in the history of commentating.