Fabregas is the most effective midfielder in Europe FACT

The midfield playmaker is a must for all top sides in the modern game.

The man pulling the strings and weaving the magic for his side requires cunning, craft, and creativity.

Good movement, vision and the ability to read the game are vital. Perhaps most crucially of all, though, the playmaker doesn’t have to be a physical beast to take the game by the scruff of the neck. While energy is vital, the top playmakers run the match effectively using brains, not brawn.

IMScouting has compiled an efficiency report showing the impact of different types of midfield playmaker in La Liga and the Premier League, with Arsenal maestro Cesc Fabregas and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo topping the list.

The report calculates which midfielders in the English and Spanish top divisions are the most likely to score or create a goal. Weighing up the number of goals and assists contributed with the number of minutes played, Fabregas and Ronaldo are the most efficient midfielders this season in all club competitions.

Guile and style are essential attributes for the role, but nowadays the playmaker comes in different guises. And we have picked out six players, who all have something slightly different to offer in the role.

You can see the full report below as well as profiles of six of this season’s top midfielders so far.

Each player highlighted possesses different strengths and skills which help to dominate the midfield.

You can see all types of statistical reports at the IMScouting Special Report section. You can also calculate your own reports at the IMScouting report generator, which creates instant comparisons of players and teams from every league in the world to help you better analyze the game.

To view the full IM Scouting’s report – click here

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