Fan goes to West Ham game as a Bunsen burner

A lot of people have silly tattoos, but it gets a damn load funnier when it involves football and they are really messed up. Today, we were given quite a treat by a Manchester City fan heading to their game with West Ham and it seems a perfectly fitting time to take a look at some of the real shockers we have seen down the years.

You would hope that people think before they get a permanent tattoo, but apparently they don’t.
These are decisions people have made with their own minds and, presumably, think it was a good idea.
It wasn’t.

It was an awful idea and it is now permanently on your body.

Here is the one from today’s game..

Lets take a look at some of the other shockers fans have gone for:

Yeah, he really got the whole commentary!

Must be a big United fan if you think ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is your thing!

Good stuff all round.

Munich tattoo

Spelling: not this man’s specialist subject.