Faye White speaks to Football FanCast

Faye White and Graeme Le SauxHow are you finding the exposure for the Champions League trophies?

It is brilliant, it is a bit of a manic day, but it is fantastic. This is what you expect for such great trophies. It is great to get feedback from the fans and go around in the bus to support the finals which are coming up.

After a sell out in Munich last year, are you hoping that Stamford Bridge similarly fills out for the Women’s Champions League this season?

Of course, we hope that a lot of people come out, for the game because it is a great opportunity to get some exposure. It is a really accessible stadium, the tickets are reasonable. The more people that can come out for such occasions the better. Stamford Bridge is a pretty special stadium. We are quite fortunate to be able to play at such a place.

There is a stigma about the women’s game but in your 17 years how has the attitudes changed? Was there any turning points where things changed?

There has been a massive difference between now and back when I started. It has gradually changed from when I was growing up there was the opinion that girls shouldn’t play football to the stage we are at now where they are now encouraged to. The reaction we have got the Women’s trophy today has shown just how far we have come.

After having a career spanning for such a long period of time with Arsenal Ladies, how did you keep yourself at the top of your fitness? What ensured you had longevity in the game?

I think it is just motivation. I really wanted to keep playing and to keep doing well. You obviously get big injuries which are frustrating, but you bounce back from those. Anyone in football knows the enjoyment you get from it and how you never want to stop playing, so you do all you can to keep getting out there onto the pitch. I am fortunate to say I have played in a World Cup, a European tournament, and a Champions League. To have played in and to have won the Champions League was a feeling that was really special which kept me going.

The Arsenal Ladies have been extremely dominant in the Women’s game, what has been the key to their success?

I think one of the biggest factors has been the support we have received from the club as a whole. We are very much seen as part of the club. I think it is that combined with the fact that a drive to succeed has helped us attract the best players. Their attitude towards training and focus has been purely centred on winning.

How would the England’s Women’s set up differ to playing for Arsenal Ladies?

It is another clear step up and something that all Women footballers in this country aspire to achieve. The international game you play against a far higher level of players and gradually over the years this country has really improved and gone up the rankings. I think that we have put ourselves on the map, particularly at the last World Cup.

The new St George’s complex in Buxton is something that has been heralded as a saviour for the English game, is there an excitement for this development in the Women’s game?

It will be massive, the facilities there are so good. The players that get to train there will be able to use it to add their all round game, whether it is bouncing back faster from injuries or learning new training methods. Now that I have seen it, I wish I was out there using it, as it is just fantastic.

A quick final note, what was your favourite goal, time and place?

I would say for me personally, I think it was in the European Championships 2007 I scored a header against Sweden, which put us through to the quarter finals. That was an important goal.”

Faye White was speaking at Champions League event in London. Faye was carrying the Women’s Champions League through the London Underground and on a commercial bus tour, as part of the promotion for the upcoming men’s and women’s finals at Wembley in May,alongside Graeme Le Saux with the men’s trophy.