Fergie has £95m at his disposal…really?

Last week Manchester United chief executive David Gill tried to appease protesting Red Devil’s fans that there is no need for a doom and gloom atmosphere as he claimed the Old Trafford outfit has £95 million to spend on transfers this summer.

Is that actually the case or is this just one of those board promises of a big budget that won’t actually be spent?

Gill is adamant that the money is there should Ferguson need it. He was quoted by The Sun saying:

“People say Alex is saying money is there because he has to. Anyone who knows Alex Ferguson knows he wouldn’t say that if he didn’t mean what he said. The money is definitely there.”

He then added: “the financial results will show the figures are about 95 million pounds cash.

“We are not in a situation whereby Alex is restricted in what he wants to do with the club. We can invest in the players, the training ground and the stadium.”

However, the actions of Sir Alex so far wouldn’t suggest that he has that much money at his disposal and like Arsene Wenger, who has also been publicly backed by the Arsenal board, I’d argue that he is unlikely to want to splash a huge amount of cash this summer.

The United chief claims he will not sign big and has already signed Chris Smalling, Javier Hernandez and has been linked with soon to be out of contract Chelsea man Joe Cole (even though he is rumoured to have agreed a three-year deal with Arsenal).

Could both Gill and the Manchester United hierarchy just be covering their tracks after the chief executive criticised the Green and Gold fans protest previously?

Gill argued that although fans had a right to protest he rather they ditched the famous protest scarves against the Glazers, who own the Old Trafford outfit:

“I’ve asked the players and they say they are not distracted (by the fans’ protests) but if your question is ‘would I prefer all red and white instead of gold and green’ when you have a full stadium and you are playing host to famous opposition, of course I would.

“If the question is ‘would I prefer not to look out of my office and see the scarves they are selling on the street’, of course I’d prefer that. But as Alex has said, people have a right to protest.”

I don’t expect Ferguson to splash the cash this summer and I can’t help but feel with these comments from Gill that if the club has another disappointing season they are just passing the buck. Surely they cannot afford to spend that amount of cash considering the astronomical amount of debt that they club is in excess of £750 million. But they are adamant that they have money in the reserves and the £80 million received from the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid must be tucked away somewhere for future use.

Whatever happens this transfer window it is set to be an important one for the destinies of many clubs, whether United will actually spend this £95m on the likes of David Silva and Karim Benzema remains to be seen.

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