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FFC Awards – Would you prefer England to win the World Cup or your club to win the league?

A question that has often been asked to fans down the pub, and now it’s your time to answer. Would you rather England were to win their second World Cup, or instead celebrate your club winning the league instead?

It will be 48 years since England last won the World Cup, when they fly out to Brazil in 2014, in what will be their 14th attempt to win the tournament. Fans will spend months only supporting their club’s players, but for one magical month in the summer, English football supporters unite together to cheer on players they dislike on a normal daily basis.

A month that, for the last 8 tournaments, has involved fans building up England’s chances in anticipation, only for their dreams to be shot down. But they still hold the fantasy that one day they will watch their countrymen lift the golden trophy.

But some share Jamie Carragher’s priorities, and put their club ahead of their country. They would rather cheer on their team than join the Pukka Pies Supporters Band. The joy of watching your team lifting the league trophy is one some fans of all ages are yet to experience, and may never at all.

It’s the priority of the team for 38-46 weeks of the year, so why should it change for 4 weeks in the summer every four years? Every year 88 English teams will fall short. But for 4 lucky groups of fans, they will experience pure ecstasy.

But which is your priority, the country’s success against the world, or league domination by your club? Cast your vote below.

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Article title: FFC Awards – Would you prefer England to win the World Cup or your club to win the league?

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