FINALLY someone sees the positives of PL’s new ruling

So much has been written about the Premier League’s proposed quota system and to be honest most of it has been negative; however Richard Scudamore finally has someone applauding his policy. Wayne Rooney has given the move his full backing and believes it vital to the future of England and the Premier League.

“I think the new home-grown rules coming in are important.

“As an academy graduate myself I like to see young players coming through because I think they’re vital for the future of England and the Premier League.

“I also think it’s important for clubs to have a bunch of home-grown players because they are the lads who know their history.”

I for one couldn’t agree more and whilst most supporters only care for their own clubs, before country, the fact remains that with the exception of the likes of Everton and West Ham home-grown English youngsters are not being given the opportunity to progress from the youth team right through to the first XI. The counter argument is that if they were good enough then they’ll come through; a naive and throwaway comment in my opinion because how do you know if they are good enough if they are not given the chance in the first place? The new quota ruling will increase the probability and hopefully give Fabio a bigger pool of players to choose from as a result.

Fabio Capello was widely criticised for not attending the England U19s tournament in France, but what would have been the point? Let’s be honest how many of that squad are going to get anywhere near the first team at their respective clubs in the next two years, therefore the whole exercise would have been extremely pointless. Until the football clubs start changing their ways of working then nothing is likely to change therefore the Premier League should be applauded for intervening and ensuring that action is now taken. The results of this quota ruling won’t happen overnight, but you would hope that come the next World Cup the England manager will have a damn sight more options available to him throughout the squad.

Written By Jerome Johnstone

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