Finally the type of deal that befits Liverpool’s name

Whether Christian Purslow intends to stay on at Liverpool for the long haul remains to be seen, but the impact he has made in such a short space of time cannot be understated in anyway. He has breathed some life into this great football club and more importantly for them, has finally brought them into the modern world.

Liverpool for far too long have been stagnating off the pitch and have let their competitors sail off into the sunset. The most successful club in English football has seen lesser teams earn fortunes with new sponsorships and kit manufacturers, while Liverpool have simply

been satisfied with these “Ok agreements” as Purslow has previously put it. This is no way for a football club to be run, especially one the size of Liverpool.

Let’s make no bones about it; these are set to be exciting times for Liverpool and it won’t be long that the club start to reap the rewards. To be honest it goes hand in hand and a successful performance off the pitch is likely to mirror that on it and whereas the balance here has been lob sided, with Rafa performing absolute wonders, the scales will start to even up, which can only benefit results and performances on the pitch.

Standard Chartered’s £80m sponsorship deal was the start of the Purslow revolution and according to reports in the NOTW this morning our acting MD is close to negotiating a £150m 10yr contract extension with Adidas; a staggering deal and one that not only dwarfs our rivals, but a deal that actually befits a club of our standing.

These deals aren’t a one off and it now actually provides the Reds with a bargaining tool going forward and one that will open up perspective sponsors eyes who will now realise that Liverpool can no longer be bought into, on the cheap and they will have to up the ante if they want an association. It is what United has been doing for years and why their revenues gulf that of Liverpool’s. Fortunately for Liverpool Purslow has now opened their eyes to this practice and finally the club can look forward to finally look forward to type of sponsorship and endorsement deals that befits their great name.