Five of the biggest panic signings in Premier League history

Crystal Palace’s boardroom must’ve been awash with fear as the transfer deadline approached last month. There cannot be any other explanation for a club paying the absurd amount of wages that Emannuel Adebayor demands.

Alan Pardew can’t seem to arrest the calamitous slide of his Crystal Palace side and they are about to face a drubbing to Tony Pulis’ West Bromwich Albion. Pulis’ Albion are one of the lowest scoring sides in the league and are, some how, walking through the Palace defence.

As deadlines approach, we can all get a bit jittery and do questionable things, but some transfers we see when the clock is ticking boggle the mind.

Drinking too much caffeine tends to be an issue for people who are pressurised by deadlines, but it is a whole different ball game when there are millions of pounds at stake. Football chairmen and general big wigs can make pretty disastrous calls and here are some of the worst..

Chris Samba

Christopher Samba

QPR haven’t exactly been frugal over the last few years, but the Rs haven’t made many cock-ups quite as significant as the millions they spent on Samba.

The powerful centre-back arrived from Russia amid great hope but he was run past like he’d be glued in place, unfortunately, the place he had been glued in still wasn’t the right position.


Radamel Falcao’s move to Manchester United was a clear ploy to win the fans back at Old Trafford and it could not have failed in much more spectacular fashion.

Managing to mis-control, mis-pass and miss barn doors, Falcao had a torrid time at Old Trafford and embarrassed the club.

Papy Djilbodji

Papy Djilbodji must’ve thought he had made his big break when Chelsea came calling for him last summer, but the centre-back was quickly farmed out to Werder Bremen and looks unlikely to ever make a name for himself at the Blues.

After a long pursuit of John Stones, a defender was a mere necessity and this signing was just like throwing cash down the drain.

Andy Carroll

Carroll looks to have finally found his level at West Ham, after his spell at Liverpool finally came to an end a couple of years ago.

When Fernando Torres made the big move from Anfield to Chelsea, Liverpool rushed through the majority of the revenue to go straight for the pony-tailed target man. The video above shows one of the best touches Carroll had in a red shirt.

Emmanuel Adebayor

Palace’s recent move for the former Manchester City striker is reap any reward and the African centre-forward is likely to be even more trouble than he is worth.

The huge wages he has demanded where ever he plays have caused problems and his ‘languid’ style doesn’t exactly fit with the flying wide men at Selhurst Park.