FIVE reasons why Man United star shouldn’t get carried away

Manchester United striker Dimitar berbatovWhat a tremendous achievement scoring five goals in a Premier League game is. Dimitar Berbatov becomes only the fourth player in Premier League history to accomplish such a high. Congratulations must go out to Dimitar Berbatov who netted five against Blackburn on Saturday. Without a question it is a phenomenal achievement but Manchester United fans shouldn’t get too carried away by this. Dimitar Berbatov has to be taken a game at a time. It would be very easy to write that the striker is back and ready to lead the title charge for Manchester United but do Manchester United fans truly belive that to be the case? Though his achievement should never be sniffed at, here are a few reasons why Manchester United fans must not get carried away by one performance…

1) He has consistency issues

Following Dimitar Berbatov’s immensely positive start to the season, Manchester United fans felt they were going to see the best of the Bulgarian. Before his goals against Blackburn on Saturday, the striker hadn’t scored in the Premier League since his third against Liverpool on 19th September. This is the issue. The striker has a very impressive assist record but his goalscoring tends to come in blocks. If Manchester United are going to win the league, he needs to score over the course of the whole season. Sure he netted a hat trick against Liverpool, but does anyone really expect him to win Manchester United a game against Arsenal or Chelsea? He has the ability, but his level of consistency at such a big club leaves something to be desired.

2) He disappears from games too often

The perfect example was against Rangers in the Champions League on Wednesday night. He went missing for most of the game, he offered very little and chose to shout at his team mates rather than work to win possession back. The Rangers defenders had a relatively trouble free night – again. Where has he been since the Liverpool game? It isn’t good enough for a player of such tremendous ability to offer the club so very little. Is he complacent or are their more damaging reasons for this.

3) Manchester United’s midfield were excellent

Aside from the hype of Dimitar Berbatov, Anderson was excellent against Blackburn. His passing was at an astonishing 94 per cent success rate for the game and he gave Manchester United fans a reason to believe he could now become the player his potential has always suggested. He was driving forward from midfield – something that United have missed this season. The performance of the midfield, especially Anderson set the tone for the game, getting Rooney and Berbatov and Nani on the ball early. The midfield performance was the game winner on Saturday.

4) Blackburn are/were dreadful

Christ they were bad. Blackburn were tactically inept and had it not been for Paul Robinson they could have been beaten by ten or more. Take Berbatov’s second goal. Pascal Chimbonda played a blind back pass straight to the feet of  Berbatov. Their defending was atrocious, and although Manchester United’s midfield were full of running, flair and imagination, their opponents defending was not up to Sunday league standard. Blackburn lacked effort and determination – something which is so synonymous with Sam Allardyce’s teams. United were excellent but were given a few helping hands on the way.

5) The next sulk is just around the corner

When a Manchester United player crosses the ball to Berbatov and it goes out for a goal kick, cover your childrens eyes. He shouts at them and has an almighty sulk. His play then deteriorates and he turns into the lazy, lumbering Bulgarian with greasy hair. Its awful to watch, especially as Berbatov, so many times is guilty of wasting easy passes. Does Sir Alex Ferguson trust Dimitar Berbatov. Some would say yes but it seems not. Manchester United play Arsenal in two weeks and will Ferguson play Berbatov ahead of Rooney. I guess it will depend what happens in the next week, but the likely hood is United will go back to a 4-5-1 formation and Rooney will lead the line. A massive strop will occur and Manchester United fans won’t see the real Berbatov until February.

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