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Five things we absolutely love about FIFA 16

The dust has settled and FIFA 16 has been in consoles for almost a week. We at FFC Towers have been eagerly playing matches during coffee breaks and when the boss’ backs are turned, and here are FIVE things we absolutely love about the game!

Passing with purpose…

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.24.30

It doesn’t sound like a revolutionary addition, but being able to fizz passes across the turf opens up a whole new range of attacking possibilities. The standard pass has its uses when recycling possession and building patiently, but sometimes upping the tempo with a direct ball can change the pace of the game just enough to give opponents something new to think about. The purposeful pass (X and R1/A and RB) comes with its pitfalls, though, as you’ll need players with decent technique and time available to them to bring it in or ping the ball on to a team-mate. Best used when playing to a centre-forward’s feet or attempting a swift switching of sides at the back.

Realistic build-up play

Gone are the frustrating online games in which players smash the ball forward to Cristiano Ronaldo and gleefully bury the ball past your goalkeeper. FIFA 16 demands more patience, with realistic first touches, a re-worked passing dynamic and more realistic AI movement making a considered approach the best way forward. Pass the ball around, stretch opponents and look for the surging run from a wide midfielder or a striker pulling back to create space for a shot. Much like real football, then.

Women’s football

A lot was made of the first ever inclusion of women’s football in FIFA during the build-up to release, and we’re pleased that the hype was justified. For now there are 12 national sides including powerhouses such as Germany, Japan, USA and England, and the hours of work put into the mode’s creation really show. Rather than players being re-skinned as the opposite gender, players feel like they’ve been created from the ground up and, as a result, the game flows differently, requiring a new approach. Definitely worth putting the time in to master this!

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.24.58

Bundesliga broadcast…

Again, not a huge change, but seeing Bayern Munich line up against Borussia Dortmund with official logos, bespoke graphics and unique commentary really increases the immersive nature of the game. The Premier League remains fully covered, as it was last year, and it’s nice to see EA Sports putting in the time to add a new flavour to the mix.

Improved skills games…

From being a loading screen pastime, skill games are now an immersive game mode in their own right within FIFA. The progression has been steady through the years, but 16 throws some great new testers into the ring, with the variety of shooting challenges as rewarding as they can be infuriating. There is also a new ‘basics’ skill mode to get new players well acquainted with how to play.

Article title: Five things we absolutely love about FIFA 16

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