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Follow the Arsenal model…god help us!

Football FanCast
guest columnist
Jason Burr reflects on the Pompey chairman's latest vision for the future.

They say that
sometimes in life you reap what you sow, yet I'm still trying to wonder what
Portsmouth football club ever did to deserve Al Fahim.

You would think
that with an Arab chairman coming in that we could expect to see untold riches
spent on the football club, however we have probably found the poorest one in
the world who clearly isn't as astute businessman that he claims to be. I mean
anyone who sees the value in selling Niko Kranjcar for £2m and buys Kevin
Price-Boateng for £4m is not going strike fear in the corporate world.

To be fair to the
man he has tried his hardest to keep spirits up and he seems to deliver
promises at a canter, whenever the media can get a mic close enough, but what
does he honestly take us for? I always believe that actions speak louder than
words and unfortunately for all the hot air, little has been achieved and our
transfer policy this summer represents nothing short of a disgrace and hardly
shows the lofty ambitions that the chairman claims he has. Apparently Arsenal
is the model that he is looking to follow…I have heard it all now.

The guy is an
absolute joke. What he was probably referring to is how he intends to build
success on the cheap and bring through talented youngsters, for the simple
reason that he has no bloody choice because he doesn't seem to have any money.
Fahim is obviously forgetting one other key ingredient is that Arsenal has
qualified and skilled coaches, as well as Arsene Wenger. We have Paul Hart…say
no more.

As soon as this guy gets a reality check, realises he
has taken on more than he can handle, then the better it will be for everyone
at Portsmouth. This current regime is taking us down, pure and simple so the
chances of him making anything out of his investment in Portsmouth, is close to
zero. We are in big trouble and any of you out there who think different, then
you are just as blinkered as the chairman.

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Article title: Follow the Arsenal model…god help us!

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