Football is a man’s world, isn’t it?

As far as English football is concerned, the Premier League is where it’s at. It’s the best league in a world for a reason, or more accurately, many reasons. From the best players in the world, including Wayne Rooney, David Silva and Robin van Persie, to pulsating football, unpredictability and upsets, the Premier League has it all. Unfortunately that includes diving, simulation and feigning injury, too.

Probably the worst impact of the influx of talented, foreign footballers over the past two decades, diving has become common place in England’s top flight. Alongside players waving imaginary yellow cards, simulation is just unnecessary. Whether some footballers have low thresholds or not (Sergio Busquets excels himself in this regard), there’s no need for players to be rolling around.

You have to wonder what these pampered footballers are like, when they are ill and in pain, and have got man flu! If a little kick on the heel has them rolling around on the floor like they’ve been shot by a sniper, then man flu must really floor them. Add to that a whole football team can be side-lined by food poisoning – step forward Tottenham Hotspur. I’m sure they get sympathy from their other halves though, after all, ‘It’s a Man’s Flu’…

Women will be thinking it’s a fuss about nothing, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. That’s what many people said about the inaugural Women’s Super League, which I think surprised a few people with the standard of football on show. Arsenal lifted the first Women’s Super League back in August, and the league provided some competitive action for us to enjoy in the summer.

If the Women’s Super League can have just half the effect on women’s football that the Premier League has had on men’s football since 1992, then it will be a shot in the arm for the female version of the beautiful game. Football is currently a man’s world and looks set to be for the foreseeable future, but the women’s game is certainly on the up.

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