For Arsenal it is simply keep the faith or drown

Today it is going to be short and sweet. The rest of the footballing world is laughing at Arsenal – this is not good. Whilst Arsenal fans are crying tears of frustration! Everyone on the business side of the club needs to stop messing around and start pushing our weight around. Make some decisions and give leadership. The current state of affairs is humiliating. From humiliation on the field to now humiliation off it. Even Paul Scholes is having a pop FFS! Is this Arsenal Football Club being well run? Well at first glance you would be hard pushed to say yes. Is this value for money? Certainly not!  I wonder what the share price is doing?  But now we need to close ranks before the media tabloid jackals tear us apart. We have silly rumours of an Arsenal player likely to be jailed for alleged assault and rumours of Walcott wanting away. Where is the truth? I’m damned if I know! Nothing will happen until Barcelona pay a decent fee for Cesc and rightly so! If we roll over to the Catalans then nothing is sacred.

But whoever was in charge of contracts at Arsenal deserves the sack, but don’t push too hard, it could be Arsene Wenger….lol! It plainly wasn’t Ken Friar, so any volunteers? Was it Ivan Gazidis? I doubt it, and he knows but remains tight lipped. But who is going to answer to Stan, who will be anything but silent if Nasri goes to one of our rivals. The Nasri farce is evidence that Arsene Wenger is doing too much. After the Flamini episode were the lessons learned? I say not, and I think that the Gooner World agree. We are unhappily distracted by a selfish player. Thanks for the loyalty Samir… Unless you climb down and sign a new contract in the next week then I for one hope that you never wear the shirt again. You have betrayed your supporters. Good luck to Gael Clichy, he was let down by Arshavin being played in front of him. Kieran Gibbs is error prone through lack of experience, so we do need a new LB. Oh and whilst you’re at it get Scott Dann at CB and Cahill for good measure.

But to all of you I say this, what is apparently blindingly obvious to us all is totally incomplete without ALL of the facts! We do not know why Gervinho’s transfer has not yet been completed. Yet we know that Arsene Wenger is a proud man, and that also applies to his reputation and legacy. He is our only hope like it or not, as the Board will NOT sack him. He must fight back. I mean would he, Arsene Wenger want to end his career at Arsenal like this after 15 years? So Crisis? What crisis? Let us all take another lung bursting gasp of air and CALM DOWN! Hold tight, cos the ride is going to be bumpy. So what is new Gooners? It’s the same smelly pooh, but a different day! I say that No news is good news, and at least other clubs know that we can’t splash the cash, so they can’t make silly demands for players, as Arsenal are not in a position to pay it. Perversely and ironically this mess could yet work out in our favour. But then again I have never been a betting man. KEEP THE FAITH OR DROWN…!

Article courtesy of FTK from the excellent Arsenal Insider